Friday, August 27, 2010

eleventh grader..

have been a social eleventh grader for more than a month and just found some bad and good experiences. got 2 struggling weeks in the new class with loneliness, boredom, conflict w some 'friends' and blablahblah. i hate this class. at all. but later on, i feel different. this class goes more comfort, eventho still dont like the peep inside. busying myself w reading thick novels. pffuuhh.. my life gets worse than last year. nothing else i can tell u. even the good experience. :(
anyway, my pocket camera has broken. then dad tried to service it and the service-man told him, it's still in guarantee but we have to buy the spare part costs around 1 million rupiahs. then dad doesnt wanna repair it n prefer buy the new one(or buy a digicam-i think it's not good) naaah. i think it's a wise decision if we better buy a SLR than pocket camera, noooo??? :(