Monday, November 30, 2009

miss polyvore world!

before tell you bout PV, i wanna tell u a shocking dance test. we've not practiced almost 3 weeks n today, it's held. yeah. practiced twice then had that test. very nervous. this' my first time. i n riyana danced together and i had some probs. but, guess bout my scores!!! 80,75,75,75! wow i thought i was very bad at all!
just havent opened my polyvore for maybe a couple months so yesterday i decided to opened it again and there;s 1 new message from my dear lovely friend from u.k, shira. :) so happy that we can talk again even she sent me that pm 29 days ago. we're friends since 6 months ago and we have a good friendship relationship. so good i think. if i could co-paste our conversation, i will. but it's our privacy so i wont ever do that. haha. but hey! i can so-paste this. this' my fave.

hey anya, what are u doin'?? are u still studying?
good luck for ur exams!
my hobbies are painting, design, and looking magazines. i love fashion magazine but i think i can't be as good as them in mix n matching clothes. hahaha.
yeah, thats my real name. is that sounds funny? hahaha. u're lucky having a cute name like that. anya is very cute name. my neighbor name tanya. the word 'nya' make it sounds good. :)
i ever opened book of baby names and i cant find my name in girl section! omg it's a boy name... what did my parents thinking when named me! LOL.
hmm. boring... please pm me okay :)

so here r some of mine..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

culinary travel//music//insect

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Mie Kocok @ Sotomie Agih - Bogor *mine*

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Soto Mie @ Sotomie Agih - Bogor *mom's n dad's*

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Lumpia Basah bapak" 8000idr/pcs

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inside the lumpia basah.. haha.. feels damnly great!

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gerobak pepes. all r pepes. everything made as pepes.
so, what we bought exclude sotomie agih r..
pepes pisang, telor asin, otak", manisan pala, lumpia basah, gemblong.

anyway, yesterday i DL yiruma's songs n im absolutely in love with him. okay,he lil bit influences me to study keyboard again.. and.. yeah. ill try to play his song. maybe kiss the rain first. but my TOP fave songs are...

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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in my room there's a died insect i've never seen hahaha.. so. this' it.. metalic tosca body n red legs.. waw amazing but scary.. click for bigger result

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


phew! finally we, smak5 students have finished all of those shitty pre-exams! yesterday i have finished it all! yey!! dont have good score in all subjects though.. haha.*honestly i didnt studied for it. and i went home at 9 after did 2 pre-exams coz i had headache n stomachache. then today was held great school event, DIRECTOR-dedication for our teachers. enjoyable enough. haha. so! tomorrow im gonna go to MANGDU! then watch NEW MOON! haha. hope my leg wont feel so painful! *urat gw lg sakit bgt gilag keg mo putus.
so, im having the real exams for next friday*no TGIF rule for next week! to next 2 friday. then, time we do waiting for!! holiday n it means my DRIVING COURSE is starting!!!!

*im really in love with this car! suzuki SX-4 x-over silver!!!! cute but strong*
yihaaaa! wish i will be the first girl *between 2 of my cousins* who can drive faster than them! nyehehe...
then, i want to find a friend who wont go anywhere for having holiday, n try to take guitar lesson from her/him.

haha. wanna play guitar when im alone okayyy!!! haha.
last but not least, try for saving more! okay. i know it's not the right time to change my mobile phone. still must wait for 2 years again. but, if i could change my cracked phone, i would like to change it with..

LG GW300 (but i wonder does it have 3G?)

Samsung Corby (s3653) but it hasnt 3G huh? and corby's more expensive than LG!!!
ha. but still confuse even i can change my mobile too. nyahaha.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: A First Look

today the election was held. and della-elvina have won the election. congrats to them. :)
im going to gading today coz im gonna buy a present for daddy, mum wants to buy socks, n we're gonna eat at glosis again. okay, i'm a fish steak with mashed potato addict. haha. but without that much mustard on it aaahh.. cant wait to eat it. XD

Saturday, November 21, 2009


i showed u 1 of TRAP additional collection.

just attended my 1st 17th party. it's theresia widia's superb party. but, i didnt join those games. haha. i just stayed beside pool, and watched my friends. haha. when i wore my dress n heels, i became sooo painful while waiting time turned to 00.00 coz we're stand up. hoh!!! finally i went back home at 01.00 n slept at 02.00 coz of that, i canceled to watched new moon with van". sorry. i was very sleepy!!! n canceled to shopping at mangdu though.. aaaahh!
today im going to dad's friend's wed party n maybe ill wear the same dress like yesterday. hehe..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Golden Compass

yeah i know i was too late to watched this movie. but it's better than not right? i borrow the dvd from my classmate, almost 1 month or 2 months ago n i have never noticed that she brought it for me. haha. mew that's funny when i texted her i havent watched it coz i just knew yesterday night, she said she has forgotten too. haha.
so today after took a nap (very peaceful men! love my quality time), i watched this. mom said the movie is about demons so i was afraid first. but i dont care. it's just a film. i enjoyed that movie so much. i like these characters especially serafina Pekkala as witch. her style was totally awesome!

Eva Green as Serafina Pekkala

Lorek Byrnison, king of ice bear

Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Ballaqua

Charlie Rowe as Billy Costa.

and the soundtrack i fell in love with is.. Lyra - Kate Bush. damnly, on 4shared or mp3raid, there's no any results. i found some, but it has been cropped. so, i just can put this on my blog. mehehe.

Lyrics | Kate Bush - Lyra lyrics

tommorow is a holiday!!!!! amazed with this info. thanks a lot P4! wkwk. so, i decided to go to gading with bubulala members (even just the 4 of us) to have lunch (plus breakfast for me) at glosis, cos i wanna use my discount vouchers. haha. then i think i wanna buy some new clothes? my clothes are too kiddy! dad protests for that haha.
TGIF for tmrw and next friday too! C ya!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon

really cant wait to watch this HUGE SPECTACULAR movie! but geez. i think i go to the wrong school. i cant (even i can) coz next week im having final test! oh lala.. i dont like this maaan!!
anyway, do the EDWARD fans are changing their idol to JACOB huh? HAHA laugh for it men! see? JACOB's more stunning! look at his face! his body! his tan skin! wkwkwk
*click pics for larger images

so how bout this cuttie? i heard he's playin on eclipse? ah im not as that freak as twilighters or whatever so i dont know bout the info.. haha

Jakarta Fashion Week 2009

cant go there coz this week im still going at school okay? haha. but this' the summary of the first day.

Tarun Tahiliani

Marga Alam

Priyo Oktaviano

Priyo Oktaviano

Priyo Oktaviano

Sebastian Gunawan

Harry Ibrahim

Harry Ibrahim

Indian designer, Malini Ramani