Wednesday, September 8, 2010

yeah my first day of holiday. it's 08-09-10. good date. (i believe if i were 25 either older or younger and have a bf and committed to get marry, i would like to choose this date. or give this date to my baby's bornday. haa ha.)woke up at 11, had worst midday ever, thought i would have the worst holiday ever, then i remembered i can read a novel online. grabbed dad's laptop and started searchin for a web which's available to us to read online and free novel, and got it. reading vampire academy 1 in english version. it's just available in 259 pages but i dont mind.*i understand that this' suppose to be illegal and it's hard to show us completely.
so, ive been reading it til page 18 so far. *wew never been this slow before. and my fave character is dimitri belikov. i opened the VA's indonesian forum and read all of the characters. dimitri belikov and adrian ivashkov are two hot guys there, make me more interested to read this serial novel. :)
googled for fanmade dimka-dimitri's nickname, and found that.. ben barnes' chosen to be him! argh. and i think there's adam brody for adrian ivashkov. :3
tomorrow im going to gramedia and buy VA indonesian version kyakyaaa

Friday, August 27, 2010

eleventh grader..

have been a social eleventh grader for more than a month and just found some bad and good experiences. got 2 struggling weeks in the new class with loneliness, boredom, conflict w some 'friends' and blablahblah. i hate this class. at all. but later on, i feel different. this class goes more comfort, eventho still dont like the peep inside. busying myself w reading thick novels. pffuuhh.. my life gets worse than last year. nothing else i can tell u. even the good experience. :(
anyway, my pocket camera has broken. then dad tried to service it and the service-man told him, it's still in guarantee but we have to buy the spare part costs around 1 million rupiahs. then dad doesnt wanna repair it n prefer buy the new one(or buy a digicam-i think it's not good) naaah. i think it's a wise decision if we better buy a SLR than pocket camera, noooo??? :(

Monday, July 5, 2010

just another blank page

i'm moving from here, guys. not really but.. im now separating 2 things w these 2 blogs. here, im gonna share u bout my life unrelated w fashion, and my new blog's gonna be a real fashion blog*but im not sure i'll post more often there.
click moda viciadas if u have time. :) there'll be some of my sewing project esp my first post there.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

introducing, bryan chang

oh, no, he's not my boyfie.. he's just my great partner..

with him, in these 2 days ive made a glove, a hunter hat, and a robe (2 last things r for my teddy)*made them all by accident, and used fabric. :P

oh, please please please dont call me crazy, moron, freak or anything cos i named all of my stuffs. just wanna make it simple and feel closer to them.

Monday, June 14, 2010

craving for....

hey guys how are u? whoaa this' holiday and i have no money. -__- great huh?
today i went window shopping with my buddy katherine, went to gading as usual and we comitted to just window shopping and smart shopping. first we had our brunch. i bought kerak telor costs 10k, then we went to some stores and we both bought lemon mask @ etude. its normal price was 22k or 28k-forgot and we got 50% disc so we just had to paid 12,8k. then cos i was craving to buy a bengawan solo coffee, we went there and took a rest for a while. we bought cookies and cream, used my debt card so we got 2 cookies and cream ahaha.. that means 10k for each. :) so total cost for me today is idr 36k(inc transport) great huh?
so, im craving for these stuffs and pity, i have no money to buy it. - 3-'

the body shop tea tree face mask, simple flat shoes, thin leather belt.
has anyone tried the face mask before? i need a review bout it :(

Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok then. Today's my n whole smak5 students' big bang day. There're some peep who failed and there're tons who have passed. Im so happy im officially a 11-sos student. But lil bit sad i have to b separated with my friends whos in science class :'c
For u guys who havent passed ths year, believe me ths' not ur doomday. Think positive. Ull get more new friends, new experiences. U just 1 year left behind, doesnt mean u're d worst eh? Just take d chance n do better ;)
Then my report wasnt bad. D average score's around 70/71-forgot. but super disappoint with my chemistry score. I got 291 for social. Ok maybe we can say it's bad-i wished at least i got 310. Hmm. Oh anw ive bought d diana mini already! Its damn difficult to be used. Hx.. I have a prob with its viewfinder. The opague for halfframe format stucks eventho in square format. I got d prob solving on flickr but still dnt understand. Sigh. Hey how bout ur holiday? Good eh? I just have nothing to do. No money, no companion. Just waiting for d right time to buy a sewing machine. I have no doubt anymore :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I finally found u.. Meet u on thursday, my love.. :*
Okay ive finished my final exams last tuesday and i finally free. I spent my first day of holiday being couch potato by did nothing except watched korean dramas on tv,watched 2 dvds.. Hm i think that's bad. And.. I have a month and a half holy-holiday. Have idea what to do? Have side job? No i havnt searchd my oportunity for it yet.. I start to ask dad to buy me a sewing machine which is make me insane of craving for months!! Yea my thought is, if i have it ths holiday,it will be so much fun! Think. I can make clothes, a lot of clothes maybe. For me. (Im a newbie then, i wont sell it. Peeps wont buy newbie's, will they?). Yea or if i dnt get it maybe i can buy lomo for real and start hunting.. hm..
Hey anyway, SPAMMERS can u stop spamming on my cbox? Hate it

Thursday, May 20, 2010

current mood of dressing

my next project of design

summer floral dress

will paired it with

knitted loose cardigan
seemed like blending between 2 seasons, spring-summer. kinda like this style.

then, wanna make DIY project. it's

gold chained necklace

final exam H-1. cant feel anything. faster heartbeat? no. just feel effin sick with physics, and dont care about bahasa. i prefer study accounting or english to these 2 suck things. oh just wish me luck. wish us, smak5 students full of luck.

Monday, May 17, 2010


ih. it's been a loooong time i havent updated anything on this pity stuff eh? i count every single day and wow! lil bit amazed to know that less than 2 weeks later im having my school holiday.. and this friday im having my first FINAL EXAM waaah wanna know what is it gonna be? physics and bahasa. die.
oh oh. wanna tell u about my biggest desire ha! i bet u know this..

DIANA MINI!!!!!!!!!!!
some of its results examples

actually i cant afford to buy it with its flash. it will cost me around 1,2million rupiahs. even to buy the diana mini only, i used to search from every online shops ive added to my FB. the most expensive is idr 800 (better i buy at lomography embassy then) and the cheapest is idr650 but i still dont know does it in ready stock or not.
hm.. ok ill be waiting.....
i was a bit surprised when i told daddy i am going to buy lomo, he just said 'ok. if it will useful for u, then buy it'
what about my mom? i told her 'mom im gonna buy lomo! it's diana mini, costs idr700k and of course ill buy it with my own money' then what did she say? 'yeah, no doubt. buy it' BIG smile after that. haha..