Friday, April 23, 2010

between red, black, and white, there's something..

retouched it with for-me-it's-a-new-thing PS3. wakaka.. u may cant see well about the outfit but u can see it on my chictopia. i wore TRAP polkadot top anw.. just wanna let u know how's my collection.
i want u guys imagine what each of my collection will be. there's a floral skirt, dusty pink drapery skirt, sleeveless ruffles top.. and this polkadot loose top. i'll just release 4 items and it's real just 4 items!
and finally i have a wedges! love it. it has low heels, just 6cm and 1cm of platform. im gonna use it for fashion event im going to attend soon. :)
photos above, im wearing
berry shawl - // polkadot top - TRAP // shorts - unbranded // custom made wedges // pink flower ring - unbranded

Monday, April 19, 2010

wheat bread and strawberry jam!

it's my new blog title, actually. how's it? i just fell in love with this title while i was trying to sleeping last night and found this title.
where did it come from? i went to supermarket, was looking for what jam could i buy? and i chose strawberry jam. i like it so much. and of course i spread it with a wheat bread. yumm.

i want this!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

yes, no, maybe.

emh. okay, this pic is one of me-janice-van" photo session result n i like it the most. like the wind effect on my hair. haha. n sorry to havent uploaded them on my blog. i just have no mood to upload it :P
talking about believe in zodiac or no, actually im a bit believe in it. and.. the true predict of zodiac in my life is.
'im too focus just with my finance prob and my business. then it makes my scores getting worse. but my scores will be better starts from april 21st.' haha. lets see.
these few days, some of my friends asked me, where will i go after i graduated from shs? this' my answer
'im going to esmod. oh. the reason is. i want to be known as fashion designer not just because of my dads money. i use my brain and of course my creative mind to be known as it. and, talking bout study in hi-class college, i cant afford it. for me, they just use their money to become popular. ahah'

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unimportant things make me happy

ok. first thing i wanna tell you. HAHA. finally i bought these aviators. (i told u on my latest post) sounds funny im telling this. it's ridiculous yeah i know it. actually i love the pink more than the black. :)
excuse my weird pose.

ive been ultra busy with TRAP's thingie. ok. lil sneak peek is.. ive made 2 stuffs. and later, 2. and.. last.. 2. LOL. ok. keep waiting n be patient guys. im gonna sell it on JUNE. lot of preps i have to do. so excited.
HEYHEYHEY. each items just have only 1 stock okay. so grab it fast. if u wanna be tagged, lemme know on twitter, cbox, comment, anywhere! n i'll tag u.
im on holiday n tomorrow is my last day of holiday, the day after tomorrow im having bio test (porifera & coelenterata) <-- hate this.
i bought one more book guide. it's FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS booooooook!!! wow. n it's cheap. n useful.
wish me luck with everything i do.
i regret why until this time i still dont have license card. -________-
im happy i got the material for trouser im gonna make for myself. its length shud be just 1.25m but the worker gave me 1.30m with the same price. lol. it's good i think.