Saturday, January 30, 2010

take a walk with lil prince

these are my photoshoot result today. it was fun coz bobby accompanied me to did this. he's such an lil evil! he moved all the way. aaaaahh.. after that, i made purple headband for him as a lil gift (okay. he's a male dong, and he wore headband. but he's quite pretty huh? mom n dad love him a lot with this headband)

wearing :
gray top-phenomenon//black legging-unbranded//blue sneakers-kappa//owl necklace-lapis//geek glasses-pasar baru

i went to mangga dua today, with grace my classmate. we use busway for our transport. and i amazed with halte stasiun kota. and beos too! aaaaa
i didnt bought anything just food and a dvd for geo exam, journey to the center of the earth. ha... fun!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

other passion of mine-photography

as u know-just in case u see my blog profile, beside fashion, my passions are business and photography. so. *okay ill turn into bahasa anyway.
jadi, tepat hari ini juga, niat gw buat punya SLR jadi ada di puncaknya. sebelomny gw cm masih sekedar pengen aja. soalnya gw liat bloggers yg foto" pake SLR tuh keceh banget, entah fashion photography, foto makanan, tempat" keren.. groar.. gue jadi makin nafsu. trus mulailah td gw liat" d google dengan pengetahuan tentang fotografi yg amat terbatas*maklum ya. gw fotony pake camdig sih* gw sih demennya canon EOS 1000D ya.. haha. gapapa deh titik fokusnya cuma 7*EOS 450D 9. trus 10.1 MP*450D 12mp. abis harganya ktanya dibawah 6jt. trus td gw liat" kaskus, pas maret 2009 aja udah 5jt ktanya.. :D siapa tau taun depan/2taon lg gw bsa beli. wkwk.. gw sih ngarepnya bisa dapet SLR ultah gw taon depan wkwkwkwk...

gw pengen sih taon ajaran baru gw ambil ekskul fotografi.. tp it means gue musi cepet" pny SLR kaaan... wkwk.. aaaaaaah!!! padahal wktu itu ud disuruh nyokap ambil fotografi! tp gara" gamau ngrepotin ortu(baca=saking gw pelit, ga mo kluarin duit keluarga banyak") jd gw ga ambil deh!!! -_- tar ah gw coba tny lg boleh ga. wkwk.. tw"ny gw d kasi ricoh bokap. LOL

anyway, just call im too late for this. yeah whatever. ke$ha and 3oh!3 wakaka...

ok then. im having suck tests this week. wanna know? wed: physics, thu: biology, fri: math damn right? pray for me please.

Friday, January 22, 2010


i just get bored so i tried to edit these photos. i used brightness n contrast, auto level, blablabla, and tadaaaaaaa!!! i love the 1st pic. there;s jenifer a.k.a jebu on the 2nd pic, she's my friend, my lil sis in bubulala family. about bubulala, bubulala was born on juny 21st (or july?!?!). bahkan kita aja belom 1SMA wktu itu. jadi itu tanggal ditentuin dari hasil rata" tanggal n bulan smua anggotanya. dapet deh.. tgl 21 (my n jebu bday date! haha)

owl city

finally a day after i posted about owl necklace i wanted to buy, i bought it officially.. :D this is it.. when i looked it at home, i remembered bou owl city and insomnia. so i decided to tried a photo experiment with it. tadaaa... the results. good or bad?
and about that doodling.. i made it when i was in deutsch class. i felt damnly mad with someone, and about other thing(boy thingy), and no one to talked to. if u can see there's a face (eyebrow,eyes,mouth) that's a guy who i obsessed to. lol. his expression is just like poker player. pokerface. :)

anyway, im thinking about to buy a lomo. but it's still just beyond imagination. i wanna have it before september so i can use it on my holiday waw. it must be awesome. lol. i just knew there's a cheap lomo called lomolitos but i think i wont buy it. -_- even i want it so bad. the result of lomolitos (but i dont know which color of lomolitos to be used)

cool isnt it? aaaaahhh i want red lomolitos anyway. just in case i have enough money. but if yes, ill buy colorsplash or holga.

#nowplaying a ghost - landon pigg
*find it on 4shared! high recommended

Monday, January 18, 2010

fashion obsessed

i was too obsessed with these things. i cant resist if i have much money. i'd like to spend it to buy these. haaaa.. anybody can u buy these for meee??

f21 Falcon Wings Ring

f21 Trunks Up Ring

f21 Metallic Mantra Ring

unbranded bronze owl necklace. i found this at a store and it's idr 50000!!! gonna buy it! :D

vivienne westwood heart jelly flat shoes. not like this. the standard one. the color is black and red for the heart.

and black quilted sling bag. i do want it so bad.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

its been a long time no say hello to u guys

haaa i havent updated my blog for maybe 2 weeks? it just causes by the usual problem. BAD-INTERNET-CONN. i made the poem above in 10 minutes, i think. can u read it? yea i couldnt scan it coz i was too lazy to pick the scanner and bla bla bla. so, this is it.

he's just a young boy
who doesnt know bout what's life
he's just a boy
who does everything he wants
he's just a boy
who hurts you so bad

you're just a girl
who know more bout life
you're just a girl
who do something good for everyone
you're just a girl
who cried because of him

he forgets you
but you keep try to forgetting him
he didnt apologize to you
but you keep try to forgiving him
for him, u're just the past
for you, he's a scar on your heart
he lets you hate him
but you cant
it's just because you love him sincerely

so.. ive past a week with watched VICTORY-SMAK 5 CUP. okay, i enjoyed the competition esp basketball. *lets turn into bahasa. and i just write what i remember..
pertama PIS vs st.peter. gue dukung PIS. trus pd bilang yg namanya ricco or herry or henry cakep. hahaha. ok jg c tuh org *yg gue ga tau syp namanya* trus menang.
yg cewe, yakob vs smandu klo ga slh. gue dukung yakob. smandu c ptama alay" bgt namanya. ad Y.LO, syanz, ms.ngarreeedd, junblub, gtu deh. ad yg mirip eli, trus sman duabelas jg ad yg mirip martini...
then smak 4 vs st.peter lagii.. this' the first time i saw n met #33, #13, and #14 from smak 4. aaaaaaa i adore #33 so much! smak4 won. trus kmaren smak 4 vs smak 5a. smak 4 menang lagi! 57-54 deh. gyahahaaaaa!!! seneng bgt gue. trus hari ini finalnya, smak 4 vs diakonia. dr malemnya, twitter tuh ud demam dikon smua. no 22 n 88 paling eksis dah. trus td gw liat. yah.. 88 mayan. 22 ohmaigod ga banget tp dy jago c. jadi gue masih dkung smak4. trus pas lg tanding, gw kirim dudu.. here they are..
- no 33 dr smak 4 namanya syp? ganteng dh. maen doooong *wakaka gla bgt nih cekot" gw deg"an. and thx jodie!!! his name's nelson!!! wkwk
- smak 4 menang yaa! ayo smangat! kalahin diakonia
- no 33 dr smak 4 ayo shoot nmbh poin jd 33 di detik 33!!! *atas usul temen kiri kanan gue.. haha
tapi smak4 kalah. gpp deh.. wkwk. pas closing ternyata lesehan. gue duduk rada blakang. so far i enjoyed that event.. MC nya lucu men!! ketemu JO. ngeceng anak band PMS. wkwkwkwk... dea or jeje dapet lomo tp sayang bgt cm sekali pake then dipajang deh. pantes harganya murah.. trus akhirnya!!!! yg gue tunggu. andre harihandoyo and sonic people!!! mreka nyanyi myn banyak lagunya. n bagus bgt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally gue pulang deh stenga 8.. :)
taon depan adain lagi dooooooong.... gue rela ngeluarin 5ribu or 10 ribu lg buat closing HAHAHAHA. trus ktmu nelson 33 lagiiiiiiiiiiii wakakaka

Monday, January 4, 2010

landon pigg

i love his song. maybe his songs, later. :) this video is good. like it.
i want to have his album, the boy who never. but i think i cant spend idr 75k anymore at this first week of january. there's still 3 weeks and ive spent idr 100k today. uh so lame. maybe i can buy it on febuary. but im downloading his songs now hahaha..
today i bought this cheap, cute and big ring.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

takes so long time to post this one.

hey guys im back. happy new year anyway.. first, i cant post about my java trip. due to this bad inet connection as usual. but i took too many photos there. nyeh.. maybe some of them are unimportant :p shortly, it's a pretty vacation i had. but i was on the road for a long day, on way back home. haha. lil bored. so. this' 2010 then. what about my resolutions? here they are..
- be a better person than 2009. more cheerful, happier, more kind, etc
- more stylish, more confident, more independent
- can drive, have a lisence ASAP after that, have a car, go anywhere i want
- reach 165 cm in 2 months! geez 3 cm moreee!!!!
- thinner
- make momma n daddy proud of me
that's all what im thinking about. maybe more resolutions later. haha
so, now im taking photos for fashion thingy with self-timer. so, i dont need any helps for it. i can take photos anytime i want! haha. these are the first creation. im still an amateur for editing photos. and just it i could do. i promise ill do it better.. anyway! i cut my bang again. it's straight n i like it so dumb. lol

ridiculous smile, and yeah. i wore that top again.

i just cropped. and tada. not really good result.

gray top - avenue basic| hi-waist skirt - orange| shoes - mom's | bag - longchamp*imitation
red shirt - novel mice | destroyed denim shorts - DIY | sneakers - kappa