Friday, October 30, 2009

i can trust to no one

-turn into bahasa for a while-
jadi brasa gada yg bisa gw percaya deh. dan gw lg sangat amat sinis ma org". hah.. omg. pengen kluar dr smak5 aj deh. gue boseeen!! pengen curhat, gatau mo k siapa. abis gw ud keburu ga percayaan sih ma org".. gw trauma sih. rahasia gw bocor. smua jd runyem. complicated bangetlah. dan gw brasa gw jd lbh diem pdhl biasanya gw reweeeeeeel bgt. abis gw gatau mo ngmg ap. ngomong ini, ntar salah. ngmg itu, salah. pengen ngeluarin smuany tapi susah. males bgt mo k BP. tlalu melankolis bgt kliatanny. pengen pny tmn yg ga dkt ma gw, yg beda negara, yg ga tw gw keg gmn, n curhat ma dy. sygny, temen gw itu ud jarang bgt OL *bayangin beda waktu UK n indo? gw bobo dy skul* yg d afrika, omg anak punk bgt. si bocah NY itu pemuja seks. ohmy. susah susahhhhh!!!
bisa ga sih gw keg gini sama someone?


too much disappointing things this week. starts from bad mood everyday, disappointed with those peeps.. tired, blablabla.. i didnt enjoy love, sex, and dating event which held on last wday. so boring to met evans garey again. and on thursday, the senior class held seminaar too. and hellish, bout homosexual etc, and excatly bout sex. man. Dr.Boyke came to gave us seminaar and yes. he's awesome. i like the seminaar session but i dislike accoustic fever n others. not really enjoy that time. why? coz there's no one i could talk to. could cha imagine that?
i watched this on i am straight event (seminaar). this' very very heart-touching *yea maybe coz im a daughter, and saw the father's very gentle n responsible?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i want u more than as my friend

we havent talked to each other *even ive talked to you something.
dont u know i wanna be ur friend. i always dreamin bout u. i want it to be real. what i want is, we can be a bestfriend. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

shop and help!

hey guys now im selling mr.freddy's original stuff. kinda reseller but i just help him to sell his. :)
paling lambat psenny tgl 8 nov. gw order tgl 9 nov. tapi klo emg sblmny ud ada 12 items, lgsg gw order. harganya sama kok. ga gw macem"in. i just wanna try the bigger opportunity and just searching for more challenging experience. haha. so just visit mr.freddy now and order to me!!!
these are the examples of his stuffs. n i recommend these for u. :)

Marilyn monroe shoes
IDR 184.900
oxford heels
IDR 199.900,-

Simple ankle boot
IDR 199.900,-

Black & White ankle boot
IDR 249.900,-

Retro vintage (brown-creme,yellow-creme)
IDR 199.900,-
size : 18 x 8 x 25
Lady Vintage (brown,blue, black, tosca)
IDR 149.900,-
size : 27 x 10 x 21
zebra drawstring(leopard)
IDR 149.900,-
size : 21 x 10 x 28

Postman Vintage (black,soft pink, electric blue, tosca)
iDR 149.900,-
size : 27 x 10 x 21
Mini vintage (red,black, tosca)
IDR 134.900,-
size : 25 x 8 x 18

Fringe postman (soft pink,deep brown, white)
iDR 149.900,-
size : 27 x 10 x 21
Leopard postman (zebra)
IDR 149.900,-
size : 27 x 10 x 21
ovale vintage (khaki,tosca)
iDR 199.900,-
size : 27 x 10 x 21

Sunday, October 25, 2009

tanya dziahileva // german vogue nov 2009

on the 2nd pic, left-right : tanya dziahileva, hana soukupova
photograph by paola kudacki

heading a week without tests! (except physics and social) wohoo!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


what ive got at SMAK5 edufair, SPACE. *free

Prasetiya Mulya & UNTAR goodie bag | brochures, pen, pin, candies in pink bag, sticker | CG! & SPICE august 09

then this' my IQ test result. (penjurusan)

interrested to study at LaSalle Indo. no any test. but more expensive than ESMOD and they use english everywhere. doesnt like ESMOD. geez. help me!
and yes. i lose 2kgs in 1 week. no kidding!

Friday, October 23, 2009

oh damn

still under construction.

so sad to left my blog. i couldnt sign in coz some probs. and i dont understand how to fix it. fyi, it;s been a year n a month we've been together. ah! if we're a couple, it's a long time relationship, right?
oh man.
i'll duplicate all of those things in the same with this one.
here's my TRAP blog. not officialy yet. and its FB. please add.