Sunday, February 21, 2010

i have a superb bday!

thanks God officially...

big thanks for u..
Steffi Fransiska
Bryan J Alexander aka BJA
Jane Cornelia
Ayub Edwad
Janice Agnes
Angela Stefani
Vanessa Fabiola Tanujaya
Fransiska Amelia
Alvin Vimala
Frangky Loppies
Diga Widyaprana
Christine Bernice
Ci Velia Hartono
Edricko JAnitra
Carissa Billyana
Riyana Sutardio
Ryan BUdihardjo
Lia Marselo
Ci Stephanie Winata
Jesslyn Gunawan
ci Felicia Karta
Stefan Legawa
Stella Hendra
Chandira Irina
Hardy Uttamo
Ellensi Rey Chandra
Jessica Vania Rompis
Putri Febriani
Pak Victor
Stephen Adipradhana
Martin Febrian
Vania Christianti
Mayo Christopher
Natalia Surya
Elvina Yunasan
Della Agatha Linggar
Jane Soerjonoto
Shanti Govinda
Verdiana Tan
Nathania Hosea
Calvin Wijaya
Alvin Jonathan
Elvira Sutantyo
Kevin Susanto
Hellen Budiman
Bernadette Nixie
Ira Liana
Yosheda Quinn
Bella Beatrice
Andrew Christian
Marliana Halim
Michelle Angelina (bener ga c?)
Karina Khuang
Christabelle Monique
Ellisa Junarso
Danica Wahyudi
Willy Sandy
Stefanie Azalya
Monica Danny
Florencia Irena
Cindy Bella
Vina Lukito
Gihon Fransli
Roanna Tania
Emma KPP
Bu Priska
Ci Wynne Prasetyo
Dea Aprilia
Ng Fajar
Tiara Febriani
Sandra Wijaya
Josephine Djong
Timothy Aditya
Irene Kartika
Alvin Tejo
Jefanya FR
Michael Cahyadi
Santi Wulandari
Felita Anthony
Tiffany Iwantoro
Yosefina Dwi
Yosephine Setiawan
Indri Agatha
Darryl Alan
Cindy Espreancelly
my church
Febrina Gracia
Elvina Julius
ci Angeline Christabelle n her bf, jbay
ci Ariella Michele
Katherine Paramitha

i hope i can be a better person this year :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


i used to drew on a canvas, it's sea view with rocks and sun. i just drew once. and now im missing to draw on canvas again. haha. anyway, i activate my tumblr again. click on it, follow me. okay?
like this


im getting older every day, but tomorrow people r gonna know how old am i, officially. honestly im not ready yet. my heart beats normally but what i mean is, im not ready with living 17. i wanna have a part time job. yeah.

we, 10 grade students got assignment for english, it's make a magazine. my team is making a fashion magazine named MODA. :) im with pleasure to doing this, and this cover was made by me, i dont know they'll like it or nope. guys? it's not finished yet. i dont know the features. just make up tips and do's n don'ts ahaha. profile is alexa chung. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sie Jin Kwei

yesterday i watched theater @ teater koma, Taman Ismail Marzuki. the theater titled Sie Jin Kwei, i cant tell u the story cos i didnt get the guide book and im a bit difficult to explain it. u still have time to watch it, until 21st feb, yeah, my birth date! :P the duration is 4 hours, but i watched it until 00.30 late 30mins. anyway, sorry for the bad quality. i used anti shake but still, blur. cos they moved fast. i post it randomly okai, not chronological

i enjoyed it so much. many great people were there. they brought SLR, there're handsome boys with preppy glasses, foreigners, aaaaaaa... and there was raining when i got home. lil flood in some places, aaah. perfect night. :) i wanna watch anthing kinda like that again.

Monday, February 15, 2010


im thinking about uniprep, starts from today. it fills my brain. uniprep oh uniprep. i can have a chance to study abroad from there. maybe aussie? or even milan or france?!?!?!? london?!?!?! us?!?!?! ahh.. but i still dont know.. can i? will my parents say ok, go? im going to start looking for a scholarship program for fashion design. hmhmhm... or looking for part time job? as my mom's-friend's-daughter said to me? aaah. i must get those chances.

anyway yesterday and today was a very disappointing days ever. yesterday, i didnt get any angpaos. yeah just from my parents n mom;s sister. rest? no one. i had a disappointing dance score too. it's very break my heart ah!

Friday, February 12, 2010

if u ask, i'll answer. :)

this' not from my formspring. these conversations were based on my true story. haha.
Q : what do u want for ur bday gift?
A : eeerrgh...
*i want a photography book. learning book excactly. and a fashion illustration book too. i cant find them everywhere.. aahh

Q : do u want a cake?
A : if u wanna give it to me, so why can i refuse it?
*i want cheese cake! not cheesecake but cake with cheese flavoured. nyahaha

Q : will u treat ur friends? like dinner?
A : i think ... nope.

so, i hope i can get reach the target of my angpao this sunday. i dont care about valentine and yes, so after that i can shop a lot. ill buy a boots that im dreaming about since december 2009, buy some new clothes, houndstooth skirt.. kyaaaaa.. and there's coming my birthday!!!!

about my scores. hell-yeah-fuckin-awesome scores.
chemistry : 38. go to hell u avogadro and gay lussac!
physics : 80
biology : 80
geography : 76
deutsch : 81.7
math : 35. guess what? HER! yeah

SLR? still looking after the price of 1000d. nyahaha..

diet? on progress again, but i swear it'll be difficult.

haircut? i havent cut my hair til now. feels like i dont have any mood to change it because i have a bastard enemy now.

today, i was in accounting class, and thinking about if i were a professional photographer, id take a photoshoot of mick jager's daughter. and i thought a masterpiece of mine!!! but it's secret. just in case this second conditional will be first conditional sentence. HA!

tweet i like the most for today,
"dont call me stupid just because u're not stupid. not stupid doesnt ever mean clever"

Monday, February 1, 2010

please help

buat yang punya majalah bekas (esp Gogirl, Cosmogirl, Girlfriend, Looks) n bener" ud ga akan disentuh lagi, boleh ga disumbangin k gw? jadi gini, gw mo dekor kamar gw.. n gw butuh banyaaaaaakkk bgt bahan"ny dr majalah bekas itu... soooo klo emang mau nyumbang, kasi tau ya? stok mjlh gw ud menipis n dikit yg bsa digunting"... hehehe... thanks a lot.