Friday, March 26, 2010

april shopping list

bokay, know that my money decreases this month, i cant buy anything else. last stuff i could buy maybe shredded tee from fashion wipe out @ mi-casa-su-casa, for idr 20k. haha. then, ill throw everything i wanna buy for next month's shopping list.

1. krey shawl (burgundy/dark grey/chocolate) : 75.000 + fee 5.000 = 80.000
2. revlon liquid eyeliner : 50.000
3. jegging (dark grey/classic blue) : 95.000 + fee 5.000 = 100.000
4. aviator glasses (pink lens and the black one) : @ 35.000 = 70.000
whoaaa thx god i just want these all! means i wont shop overload again! haha.
anyway, yesterday i and janice did our second photo session, surely at my house again. the theme's still a secret, and photos havent been uploaded though. cos some probs. but we helped by vanessa, who's a good photographer. she taught me some SLR theories, and i tried to took some photos. yay! at least i can do it even just a bit.

by the way, yesterday i did my second day of drive course yeah. the coach's changed!! he looks like mr. hero, my school's librarian. lol. he's fun enough, not like asepzz and i wish monday my coach will be d same, mr. syamsul!!! uwooohh. i drove avanza again, we went to pulomas, through bypass. and i love love love that course time! he let me drove til d speed reached 40km/h and he ordered me to did it again and again, of course if in front of us, there's no car. haha. of course it wasnt that smooth as we thought. i almost crash a woman with her honda jazz, almost hit the pavement.. aaah. and almost collision with the car behind me. hoaaah. but i think yesterday's better. i can synchronized (kopling and gas.. smoothly), and stuffs.
wait for my 3rd course day story on monday and wait for the photoshoot results
smooch, and adios amigos!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

yes, i can do it!

ok. ill turn into bahasa. wanna make a crazy post. sorry for u guys out there hehe..
JADI. tadi pagi jam stenga 8 gw cabut k ulisa. gw nunggu stenga jam karena emang jadwalnya jam 8. trus ad 1 guru. kesan pertama liat dy 'gorilla. mata panda. smoker. galak.' dan dy mulai kebut" avanza sambil ngerokok. trus c mbak della manggil gw buat latian. cihuy! dan gw naik k avanza. *yeah i chose to ride it. nama gurunya gue gatau. asumsi gw, namanya pak asephzz. haha. ga deh. asep. yah pokokny anggep aj dy asep!!! ginilah percakapan yg nampol gw banget slama d dlm mbl
*asep : X gw : Y
Y : pak, tasny saya taro kolong ato blakang nih? (dgn gaya SKSD)
X : blakang atuh! gimana sih
X : kejauhan kan duduknya? pegang stir. tarik tuh d kaki kiri, majuin.
Y : udah. (trus masang seatbelt, ud siap)
X : masih kejauhan tau! majuin lagi. (gw siap" lepasin seatbelt) ngapain kamu! kendor ntar
Y : udah paaak ud pas
X : liat y. ini sen kiri, ini kanan. yuk sen kanan
Y : hah? ap pak?
X : sent kanan! duh kamu pagi-pagi ud bolot. nyalain. blablabla (teori starter mobil. then nyala.) injek kopling full coba. (i did it) kopling stengah. (did it though. tp gw dengan reflek injek gas. dy jg lg lepas rem tgn. trus tu mobil jln. ad billy dan temannya. dan jeng.. gw ampir nyerempet tuh anak. akhirnya mati mesin. trus ud latian kopling beres)
X : eh stirny dipegang dong jgn cuma dielus! niat nyetir ga sih kamu! (mulai jalan)
(few minutes later)
X : polisi tidur tuh. jgn blg kamu ga liat y. saya lebih tua loh
Y : liat kok pak!!! (pdhl ngga sih lol)
(pokokny beres deh, polisi tidur pelan", belok pas, nyebrang ok, but...)
X : lampu merah. pelan" remnya.. kopling full, netral! mana hayo netral? (ud netral) yauda lepas smua. istirahat dulu..
(ini posisi lagi mau puter balik yg d sebelah lapis situ loh..)
Y : eww ga jalan pak!
X : dua! dua!
(ganti gigi. and.. ini menyebabkan mobil" d depan gw kehambat smua. macet deh.. wkwkwk...)
(trus ud 1 jam.. dan kita balik)
Y : ud sejem pak?!
X : ga kok. baru spuluh menit. LIAT JAM DONG!
Y : iy aj deh. tipsny disini atw d dalem pak?
X : sini lah!
(trus gw kasih ceban. buset di lempar k laci atw sthnya lah itu. behhh anjir nih org sumpa deh speechless gw)
dan slese. gw jalan dgn kaki gemeteran. jalan nyasar. musinya gw lewat sblh apartemen dan gw malah teruuus sampe bamboo dimsum. oh waw. beh.
trus k RW urus ktp. musinya gw skalian foto jln lagi k kelurahan nias. tp gw ud pusing stenga mampus, kaki gemeteran, dan gw ga mungkin kan fto ktp(which is gantinya 5 taon kmudian)dengan keadaan rambut lepek parah? haha. then gw pulang.
gajadi k salon, gajadi les. akhirnya gw ambl trial k celeb fitness. buset y gw kira cm tinggal ambil ternyata sekitar 1 jam gw dsana!!!!!!!! omomooo.. then gw disuru body fat test or whatever itu. dan lemak gw.. 32,...% means 11 kg of my whole weight is my fat, and i must lose 8kg of my weight. hahaha. parah. trus pulang deh. dan gw ga akan masuk celfit. gw akan k tempat fitness gratis. lol.
besok. gw nyetir lg. gw ngarep bgt guruny bukan c pak asep. even he taught me good. tp gw ga comfort sama sikapnya. haha.. bsk smoga ad vios. uwooo.

Friday, March 19, 2010

adgy afternoon

see my chictopia for the blog story. hey, it's my new wallpaper! do u like it?


photographed by janice. *except my doggie
mine are below..

janice set how would i pose so did i. so, sounds like we're trying to be a photographer and stylist then. :)
anw, today's holiday. wohooo im having holiday til april 4th and school again on april 5th. heavenly...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

busy busy

hey today's holiday but i cant relax all the day. im having my own work to do my wallpaper. yeah. ive rescheduled it. it supposed to be a few week ago but ive been very busy... and i think today's the right way for it. so, im gonna make it for my plain dirty wall right there..

ill make some doodlings, stick some fashion photography pics from magazines, and blablabla.. whoaa
then this holiday im gonna start make some new items for TRAP's new collection visit TRAP blog to see the info, please? so im on brainstorming from yesterday till now.. ive done 2 items and i plan to make around 10 items. :)
wish me luck guys thanks

Saturday, March 13, 2010


listening to

imogen heap

vampire weekend

want to buy..


vintage leather bag


because i got better scores this semester except math.
i enjoy my life enough
no any big problems
i went to ulisa today n im gonna do registration next week it mean next 2 weeks im startin my driving course yeah

i dont have any moods and time to do my fash photoshoot (i miss to doing it, actually)
i have a 'one way' problem with some of my friends. i just think they change. so i dont really like their habbit and personality nowadays.
dad forced me to go to mangdu. yeah because im too often to go there.
i cant find a vintage postman bag. will ask some ol shops do they can do customade bag.
i dont have any idea to draw and design a new cloth
i dont have a chance to hunting clothes materials for my online shop new collection. it'll be delayed til a few months.
waitin until july is boring. im gonna buy SLR that month, maybe.
i waste money a lot this month.
im in a big dilemma. i have enough money to buy dinamo sewing machine. but... i think ill saving more again.

Monday, March 1, 2010

retreat again. borringness

im off for 3 days, going to mount hermon for the 3rd times, on wednesday till friday.

lomography exhibition

on friday morning, we, bubulala went to kevin susanto's house. not his house first, but the park near his house. we arranged a surprise for him. we brought flour and eggs. we brought a cake too. bought it from K's bakery, funny right? we usually call him, KS. but there was a lil prob. KS wasnt home! he went to mall but thank God, andre came and helped us. we hid in KS' bedroom, when he arrived, TADAA!!! we sang a birthday song, and i closed his eyes with napkind and we brought him back to park! and the surprise began.. we threw eggs on his body, poured flour, he ran like a kid, and we laughed a lot.
back to his house, waited him to took a bath, and yes. we gave the birthday cake. took photos, ate cake, and go to GI for lomography exhibition. the place was great! many photos there. and there was a lil store which sell the lomo cameras. vina almost buy me a lomolitos for bday gift but just the green left. i dont want green. so we canceled it. im in love with fisheye woodgrain or black. after think which has better result, i choose fisheye than colorsplash. the price of woodgrain is idr 600k n i can afford it. but im still thinkin about to buy it. cos im gonna buy SLR too. im afraid that i wont use lomo again after i have the SLR.

Jebu, Van", Santi, Me, Vina, KS

me, wore blue vintage loose top - pasar senen (IDR 5k), vintage look jeans - mobile power, brown open-oxford shoes - retail therapy

Diana F+ edelweiss IDR 750k, Fisheye white & woodgrain @ IDR 600k