Tuesday, June 29, 2010

introducing, bryan chang

oh, no, he's not my boyfie.. he's just my great partner..

with him, in these 2 days ive made a glove, a hunter hat, and a robe (2 last things r for my teddy)*made them all by accident, and used fabric. :P

oh, please please please dont call me crazy, moron, freak or anything cos i named all of my stuffs. just wanna make it simple and feel closer to them.

Monday, June 14, 2010

craving for....

hey guys how are u? whoaa this' holiday and i have no money. -__- great huh?
today i went window shopping with my buddy katherine, went to gading as usual and we comitted to just window shopping and smart shopping. first we had our brunch. i bought kerak telor costs 10k, then we went to some stores and we both bought lemon mask @ etude. its normal price was 22k or 28k-forgot and we got 50% disc so we just had to paid 12,8k. then cos i was craving to buy a bengawan solo coffee, we went there and took a rest for a while. we bought cookies and cream, used my debt card so we got 2 cookies and cream ahaha.. that means 10k for each. :) so total cost for me today is idr 36k(inc transport) great huh?
so, im craving for these stuffs and pity, i have no money to buy it. - 3-'

the body shop tea tree face mask, simple flat shoes, thin leather belt.
has anyone tried the face mask before? i need a review bout it :(

Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok then. Today's my n whole smak5 students' big bang day. There're some peep who failed and there're tons who have passed. Im so happy im officially a 11-sos student. But lil bit sad i have to b separated with my friends whos in science class :'c
For u guys who havent passed ths year, believe me ths' not ur doomday. Think positive. Ull get more new friends, new experiences. U just 1 year left behind, doesnt mean u're d worst eh? Just take d chance n do better ;)
Then my report wasnt bad. D average score's around 70/71-forgot. but super disappoint with my chemistry score. I got 291 for social. Ok maybe we can say it's bad-i wished at least i got 310. Hmm. Oh anw ive bought d diana mini already! Its damn difficult to be used. Hx.. I have a prob with its viewfinder. The opague for halfframe format stucks eventho in square format. I got d prob solving on flickr but still dnt understand. Sigh. Hey how bout ur holiday? Good eh? I just have nothing to do. No money, no companion. Just waiting for d right time to buy a sewing machine. I have no doubt anymore :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I finally found u.. Meet u on thursday, my love.. :*
Okay ive finished my final exams last tuesday and i finally free. I spent my first day of holiday being couch potato by did nothing except watched korean dramas on tv,watched 2 dvds.. Hm i think that's bad. And.. I have a month and a half holy-holiday. Have idea what to do? Have side job? No i havnt searchd my oportunity for it yet.. I start to ask dad to buy me a sewing machine which is make me insane of craving for months!! Yea my thought is, if i have it ths holiday,it will be so much fun! Think. I can make clothes, a lot of clothes maybe. For me. (Im a newbie then, i wont sell it. Peeps wont buy newbie's, will they?). Yea or if i dnt get it maybe i can buy lomo for real and start hunting.. hm..
Hey anyway, SPAMMERS can u stop spamming on my cbox? Hate it