Friday, December 25, 2009

sorry i dont reply any texts of urs, guys.. coz im on saving my pulsaa its for 2 months ahead, so i cant boros oke. hahaa.. so im tagging u this greeting image made by myself on FB *yeah, maklum. i used PS 6. so i just could make this* merry xmas guys. may u all blessed all day.. :)

tomorrow im going to wonosobo, so i wont touch laptop there. im off for 5 days, n i wont blogging for 6 days *on 31st im having bbq party* haha. but ill keep tweeting by my mobile. im going to take many photos n ill post it on my blog n FB of course. so, babay. have ur sweet escape of ur busy life, happy holiday, happy new year.. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

kota tua//old town

Date : 22/12/2009
Location : kota tua, Jakarta.
enjoy people. i wont talk a lot. i just wanna say. kota tua*or translated in english, old town* is very awesome. u guys must go there for vacation. so much objects to captured. haha. when i went there, there was raining. but it's okay, we had so much fun though.

entrance ticket. idr 1000/person.

i have no idea what's it. haha. maybe announcement board?

green windows..

took @ 2nd floor. love the big tree, and the oldest look building, behind the big tree

staring out

old car. mercedes-benz.

Hermes statue

old building again...

im uploading more complete photos on my facebook. (Anya Sinta). or click this link.

Monday, December 21, 2009

im reading a book, which's better than harry potter

as i say on the title, this book's absolutely cool! great book, and the fantasy world is soooo much better than the boring one, harry potter. hehe. sorry for harpot's fans. very unpredictable. yes. haha. never think there's a fantasy story like that. haha. u must read this book!! and, why erec rex doesnt get into movie like harry potter, inkheart, or narnia? why? haha. i always waiting for it.

anyway, this' the schedule of my holiday. (i write this, also for my reminder. haha.)
22/12 : kota tua. guys, why will we come back sooo late? aaah
24/12 : swimming in the morning with family. wohoo
25/12 : church, xmas time..
26-30 : java trip
31/12 : bbq @ cousin's rooftop. haha
2/1 : register drive course ?
5/1 : school again. effing.

sounds busy. haaaah but i must face that. haha

Friday, December 18, 2009

movies to watch

the Lovely Bones

Alice in Wonderland

Where The Wild Things Are

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Nowhere Boy

watch them next year!!! :)
reasons i wanna watch those movies,
1. the lovely bones has great story. havent read the book yet but im sure it's a great movie u have to watch!
2. Alice in Wonderland has nice FX! love Tim Burton! he makes a lot of great movies!
3. Where The Wild Things Are is.. funny movie i think!
4. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief since i watched the trailer before, i was very interrested to watch this. Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson's so cutieee and the movie's great too
5. Nowhere Boy, i dont like the beatles actually, but i like this film. there's Thomas Sangster as Paul mccartney too. he plays guitar good!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

lazy afternoon

today is a big day. yeah. big day. :p me n janice planned to took photo session for TRAP additional collection so janice came to my house and we took photos quick enough. lot of LOL-ing, screamed, etc. u can see the collection on TRAP's blog. now what i am gonna post is about my first fashion photo session and behind the scene of TRAP n my photo session. enjoy... :)

me n my photographer :p

top, avenue
heels, ITC Mangga Dua
necklace & bracelet, TRAP

janice took a lot of photos of me, but the rests are behind the scene so, here they are.. *please dont laugh out loud! haha but yeah, i dont know if u're laughing or not, so just laugh behind me. these r ridiculous. have fun!

then behind the scene of TRAP's behind the scene...

havent rotated this one!

the breaker steal those necklaces n screamed! LOL

Thursday, December 10, 2009

random wishlist

- clothes. lots of clothes.
- license car
- sewing machine
- samsung corby s3650
- idr 50 million
- 1st fashion show
- 3 the face shop nail polishes : lilac, mint, pale pink
- palest skin barbie with long brown hair
- useful present on my bday
- be a social student
- TRAP : success
- bestfriend
- boyfriend

the reason why i want samsung corby is..

tiara took pic of i when we're in sinotif. and, damn. semuanya di selotipin. just hoping for there;s someone who can gimme this one. haha

anyway, today i sketched kind of futuristic city, on milimetre block. haha. it took 3 hours to made 3 buildings coz im an amateur. i dont understand what's the rules. and i do not learning for architecture. but i like it. haha.

Friday, December 4, 2009

look at them!

who's this? u guys should know him, right? he's cameron bright as alec. yea u must know him at this pic, but, im not sure if i show u his another pics, do u still know him? he looks very different!

as Alec

the real cameron bright on the right

then this. u're gonna see him on eclipse,

this must be fan made. booboo as as seth clearwater. :)

booboo stewart in short hair

also wanna post these. haha.

the werewolves

L-R : Chaske Spencer, cameron bright, alex meraz, kiowa gordon

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


just a short post. this' about my confession about my life, my feel, n how i want him. haha.
confession 1.
gw seneng klo tiba" ada org manggil gw, setelah gw diem, brasa di asingin. it feels like they know you. artinya gw masih dianggep.
confession 2.
gw ga suka yg gw ajak ngomong, mukanya ga bisa biasa. they need my answer about their question, but they look like i'm such a freak who talk to them. gw ini orgny sensitif. jd liat muka org ga bisa byasa, bawaan gw judes aj ma tuh org.
confession 3.
words i like is.. "respect others, so you'll be respected too" ini jd kata" yg gw jadiin keg.. pedoman idup gtu deh. haha.. i try to respect them, but why they cant respect me? gw jg ga suka orang kurang ajar, apalagi yg lebih muda. merintah seenak puser, ngomong kasar. ga tau diri aj. gw bentak masi ngeyel. org" najis inilah yg bikin gw BT.
confession 4.
gw gampang bgt adore someone. tp kali ini beda. cowok ini. beda dr yg lain. dy ad d mimpi gue belasan kali, ketemu terus walo ga dicariin, ketawa pas liat gw lg ngelawak sama temen gw. sebelnya, we're not friends yet. i wish we can be friends but how? ke dia, gw malu bgt. takut gw d anggep GR, gatel, dkk dll. so i just can stand behind him, look around him, and when he caught my eyes, i lied. i know he often looks at me, tp gw ga tau itu tandanya apa. bisa aja wkt itu gw pernah ngelakuin hal geblek dan konyol, n scara ga langsung dy ngebully gw. atw bisa aj emang..(i wish for this too) he wants me to be his friend too. XD postingan ini gw tujuin buat dy. haha. cuma 2 kata yg pnah gw ucapin k dy. **** ya, tengkiu, sorry

Monday, November 30, 2009

miss polyvore world!

before tell you bout PV, i wanna tell u a shocking dance test. we've not practiced almost 3 weeks n today, it's held. yeah. practiced twice then had that test. very nervous. this' my first time. i n riyana danced together and i had some probs. but, guess bout my scores!!! 80,75,75,75! wow i thought i was very bad at all!
just havent opened my polyvore for maybe a couple months so yesterday i decided to opened it again and there;s 1 new message from my dear lovely friend from u.k, shira. :) so happy that we can talk again even she sent me that pm 29 days ago. we're friends since 6 months ago and we have a good friendship relationship. so good i think. if i could co-paste our conversation, i will. but it's our privacy so i wont ever do that. haha. but hey! i can so-paste this. this' my fave.

hey anya, what are u doin'?? are u still studying?
good luck for ur exams!
my hobbies are painting, design, and looking magazines. i love fashion magazine but i think i can't be as good as them in mix n matching clothes. hahaha.
yeah, thats my real name. is that sounds funny? hahaha. u're lucky having a cute name like that. anya is very cute name. my neighbor name tanya. the word 'nya' make it sounds good. :)
i ever opened book of baby names and i cant find my name in girl section! omg it's a boy name... what did my parents thinking when named me! LOL.
hmm. boring... please pm me okay :)

so here r some of mine..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

culinary travel//music//insect

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Mie Kocok @ Sotomie Agih - Bogor *mine*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Soto Mie @ Sotomie Agih - Bogor *mom's n dad's*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Lumpia Basah bapak" 8000idr/pcs

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
inside the lumpia basah.. haha.. feels damnly great!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
gerobak pepes. all r pepes. everything made as pepes.
so, what we bought exclude sotomie agih r..
pepes pisang, telor asin, otak", manisan pala, lumpia basah, gemblong.

anyway, yesterday i DL yiruma's songs n im absolutely in love with him. okay,he lil bit influences me to study keyboard again.. and.. yeah. ill try to play his song. maybe kiss the rain first. but my TOP fave songs are...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

in my room there's a died insect i've never seen hahaha.. so. this' it.. metalic tosca body n red legs.. waw amazing but scary.. click for bigger result

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thursday, November 26, 2009


phew! finally we, smak5 students have finished all of those shitty pre-exams! yesterday i have finished it all! yey!! dont have good score in all subjects though.. haha.*honestly i didnt studied for it. and i went home at 9 after did 2 pre-exams coz i had headache n stomachache. then today was held great school event, DIRECTOR-dedication for our teachers. enjoyable enough. haha. so! tomorrow im gonna go to MANGDU! then watch NEW MOON! haha. hope my leg wont feel so painful! *urat gw lg sakit bgt gilag keg mo putus.
so, im having the real exams for next friday*no TGIF rule for next week! to next 2 friday. then, time we do waiting for!! holiday n it means my DRIVING COURSE is starting!!!!

*im really in love with this car! suzuki SX-4 x-over silver!!!! cute but strong*
yihaaaa! wish i will be the first girl *between 2 of my cousins* who can drive faster than them! nyehehe...
then, i want to find a friend who wont go anywhere for having holiday, n try to take guitar lesson from her/him.

haha. wanna play guitar when im alone okayyy!!! haha.
last but not least, try for saving more! okay. i know it's not the right time to change my mobile phone. still must wait for 2 years again. but, if i could change my cracked phone, i would like to change it with..

LG GW300 (but i wonder does it have 3G?)

Samsung Corby (s3653) but it hasnt 3G huh? and corby's more expensive than LG!!!
ha. but still confuse even i can change my mobile too. nyahaha.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: A First Look

today the election was held. and della-elvina have won the election. congrats to them. :)
im going to gading today coz im gonna buy a present for daddy, mum wants to buy socks, n we're gonna eat at glosis again. okay, i'm a fish steak with mashed potato addict. haha. but without that much mustard on it aaahh.. cant wait to eat it. XD