Wednesday, September 8, 2010

yeah my first day of holiday. it's 08-09-10. good date. (i believe if i were 25 either older or younger and have a bf and committed to get marry, i would like to choose this date. or give this date to my baby's bornday. haa ha.)woke up at 11, had worst midday ever, thought i would have the worst holiday ever, then i remembered i can read a novel online. grabbed dad's laptop and started searchin for a web which's available to us to read online and free novel, and got it. reading vampire academy 1 in english version. it's just available in 259 pages but i dont mind.*i understand that this' suppose to be illegal and it's hard to show us completely.
so, ive been reading it til page 18 so far. *wew never been this slow before. and my fave character is dimitri belikov. i opened the VA's indonesian forum and read all of the characters. dimitri belikov and adrian ivashkov are two hot guys there, make me more interested to read this serial novel. :)
googled for fanmade dimka-dimitri's nickname, and found that.. ben barnes' chosen to be him! argh. and i think there's adam brody for adrian ivashkov. :3
tomorrow im going to gramedia and buy VA indonesian version kyakyaaa

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