Monday, February 15, 2010


im thinking about uniprep, starts from today. it fills my brain. uniprep oh uniprep. i can have a chance to study abroad from there. maybe aussie? or even milan or france?!?!?!? london?!?!?! us?!?!?! ahh.. but i still dont know.. can i? will my parents say ok, go? im going to start looking for a scholarship program for fashion design. hmhmhm... or looking for part time job? as my mom's-friend's-daughter said to me? aaah. i must get those chances.

anyway yesterday and today was a very disappointing days ever. yesterday, i didnt get any angpaos. yeah just from my parents n mom;s sister. rest? no one. i had a disappointing dance score too. it's very break my heart ah!

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