Friday, February 12, 2010

if u ask, i'll answer. :)

this' not from my formspring. these conversations were based on my true story. haha.
Q : what do u want for ur bday gift?
A : eeerrgh...
*i want a photography book. learning book excactly. and a fashion illustration book too. i cant find them everywhere.. aahh

Q : do u want a cake?
A : if u wanna give it to me, so why can i refuse it?
*i want cheese cake! not cheesecake but cake with cheese flavoured. nyahaha

Q : will u treat ur friends? like dinner?
A : i think ... nope.

so, i hope i can get reach the target of my angpao this sunday. i dont care about valentine and yes, so after that i can shop a lot. ill buy a boots that im dreaming about since december 2009, buy some new clothes, houndstooth skirt.. kyaaaaa.. and there's coming my birthday!!!!

about my scores. hell-yeah-fuckin-awesome scores.
chemistry : 38. go to hell u avogadro and gay lussac!
physics : 80
biology : 80
geography : 76
deutsch : 81.7
math : 35. guess what? HER! yeah

SLR? still looking after the price of 1000d. nyahaha..

diet? on progress again, but i swear it'll be difficult.

haircut? i havent cut my hair til now. feels like i dont have any mood to change it because i have a bastard enemy now.

today, i was in accounting class, and thinking about if i were a professional photographer, id take a photoshoot of mick jager's daughter. and i thought a masterpiece of mine!!! but it's secret. just in case this second conditional will be first conditional sentence. HA!

tweet i like the most for today,
"dont call me stupid just because u're not stupid. not stupid doesnt ever mean clever"

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