Tuesday, April 13, 2010

unimportant things make me happy

ok. first thing i wanna tell you. HAHA. finally i bought these aviators. (i told u on my latest post) sounds funny im telling this. it's ridiculous yeah i know it. actually i love the pink more than the black. :)
excuse my weird pose.

ive been ultra busy with TRAP's thingie. ok. lil sneak peek is.. ive made 2 stuffs. and later, 2. and.. last.. 2. LOL. ok. keep waiting n be patient guys. im gonna sell it on JUNE. lot of preps i have to do. so excited.
HEYHEYHEY. each items just have only 1 stock okay. so grab it fast. if u wanna be tagged, lemme know on twitter, cbox, comment, anywhere! n i'll tag u.
im on holiday n tomorrow is my last day of holiday, the day after tomorrow im having bio test (porifera & coelenterata) <-- hate this.
i bought one more book guide. it's FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS booooooook!!! wow. n it's cheap. n useful.
wish me luck with everything i do.
i regret why until this time i still dont have license card. -________-
im happy i got the material for trouser im gonna make for myself. its length shud be just 1.25m but the worker gave me 1.30m with the same price. lol. it's good i think.

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