Saturday, April 17, 2010

yes, no, maybe.

emh. okay, this pic is one of me-janice-van" photo session result n i like it the most. like the wind effect on my hair. haha. n sorry to havent uploaded them on my blog. i just have no mood to upload it :P
talking about believe in zodiac or no, actually im a bit believe in it. and.. the true predict of zodiac in my life is.
'im too focus just with my finance prob and my business. then it makes my scores getting worse. but my scores will be better starts from april 21st.' haha. lets see.
these few days, some of my friends asked me, where will i go after i graduated from shs? this' my answer
'im going to esmod. oh. the reason is. i want to be known as fashion designer not just because of my dads money. i use my brain and of course my creative mind to be known as it. and, talking bout study in hi-class college, i cant afford it. for me, they just use their money to become popular. ahah'

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