Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok then. Today's my n whole smak5 students' big bang day. There're some peep who failed and there're tons who have passed. Im so happy im officially a 11-sos student. But lil bit sad i have to b separated with my friends whos in science class :'c
For u guys who havent passed ths year, believe me ths' not ur doomday. Think positive. Ull get more new friends, new experiences. U just 1 year left behind, doesnt mean u're d worst eh? Just take d chance n do better ;)
Then my report wasnt bad. D average score's around 70/71-forgot. but super disappoint with my chemistry score. I got 291 for social. Ok maybe we can say it's bad-i wished at least i got 310. Hmm. Oh anw ive bought d diana mini already! Its damn difficult to be used. Hx.. I have a prob with its viewfinder. The opague for halfframe format stucks eventho in square format. I got d prob solving on flickr but still dnt understand. Sigh. Hey how bout ur holiday? Good eh? I just have nothing to do. No money, no companion. Just waiting for d right time to buy a sewing machine. I have no doubt anymore :D

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