Thursday, June 3, 2010

Okay ive finished my final exams last tuesday and i finally free. I spent my first day of holiday being couch potato by did nothing except watched korean dramas on tv,watched 2 dvds.. Hm i think that's bad. And.. I have a month and a half holy-holiday. Have idea what to do? Have side job? No i havnt searchd my oportunity for it yet.. I start to ask dad to buy me a sewing machine which is make me insane of craving for months!! Yea my thought is, if i have it ths holiday,it will be so much fun! Think. I can make clothes, a lot of clothes maybe. For me. (Im a newbie then, i wont sell it. Peeps wont buy newbie's, will they?). Yea or if i dnt get it maybe i can buy lomo for real and start hunting.. hm..
Hey anyway, SPAMMERS can u stop spamming on my cbox? Hate it

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