Friday, January 22, 2010

owl city

finally a day after i posted about owl necklace i wanted to buy, i bought it officially.. :D this is it.. when i looked it at home, i remembered bou owl city and insomnia. so i decided to tried a photo experiment with it. tadaaa... the results. good or bad?
and about that doodling.. i made it when i was in deutsch class. i felt damnly mad with someone, and about other thing(boy thingy), and no one to talked to. if u can see there's a face (eyebrow,eyes,mouth) that's a guy who i obsessed to. lol. his expression is just like poker player. pokerface. :)

anyway, im thinking about to buy a lomo. but it's still just beyond imagination. i wanna have it before september so i can use it on my holiday waw. it must be awesome. lol. i just knew there's a cheap lomo called lomolitos but i think i wont buy it. -_- even i want it so bad. the result of lomolitos (but i dont know which color of lomolitos to be used)

cool isnt it? aaaaahhh i want red lomolitos anyway. just in case i have enough money. but if yes, ill buy colorsplash or holga.

#nowplaying a ghost - landon pigg
*find it on 4shared! high recommended

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