Saturday, January 2, 2010

takes so long time to post this one.

hey guys im back. happy new year anyway.. first, i cant post about my java trip. due to this bad inet connection as usual. but i took too many photos there. nyeh.. maybe some of them are unimportant :p shortly, it's a pretty vacation i had. but i was on the road for a long day, on way back home. haha. lil bored. so. this' 2010 then. what about my resolutions? here they are..
- be a better person than 2009. more cheerful, happier, more kind, etc
- more stylish, more confident, more independent
- can drive, have a lisence ASAP after that, have a car, go anywhere i want
- reach 165 cm in 2 months! geez 3 cm moreee!!!!
- thinner
- make momma n daddy proud of me
that's all what im thinking about. maybe more resolutions later. haha
so, now im taking photos for fashion thingy with self-timer. so, i dont need any helps for it. i can take photos anytime i want! haha. these are the first creation. im still an amateur for editing photos. and just it i could do. i promise ill do it better.. anyway! i cut my bang again. it's straight n i like it so dumb. lol

ridiculous smile, and yeah. i wore that top again.

i just cropped. and tada. not really good result.

gray top - avenue basic| hi-waist skirt - orange| shoes - mom's | bag - longchamp*imitation
red shirt - novel mice | destroyed denim shorts - DIY | sneakers - kappa

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