Friday, March 26, 2010

april shopping list

bokay, know that my money decreases this month, i cant buy anything else. last stuff i could buy maybe shredded tee from fashion wipe out @ mi-casa-su-casa, for idr 20k. haha. then, ill throw everything i wanna buy for next month's shopping list.

1. krey shawl (burgundy/dark grey/chocolate) : 75.000 + fee 5.000 = 80.000
2. revlon liquid eyeliner : 50.000
3. jegging (dark grey/classic blue) : 95.000 + fee 5.000 = 100.000
4. aviator glasses (pink lens and the black one) : @ 35.000 = 70.000
whoaaa thx god i just want these all! means i wont shop overload again! haha.
anyway, yesterday i and janice did our second photo session, surely at my house again. the theme's still a secret, and photos havent been uploaded though. cos some probs. but we helped by vanessa, who's a good photographer. she taught me some SLR theories, and i tried to took some photos. yay! at least i can do it even just a bit.

by the way, yesterday i did my second day of drive course yeah. the coach's changed!! he looks like mr. hero, my school's librarian. lol. he's fun enough, not like asepzz and i wish monday my coach will be d same, mr. syamsul!!! uwooohh. i drove avanza again, we went to pulomas, through bypass. and i love love love that course time! he let me drove til d speed reached 40km/h and he ordered me to did it again and again, of course if in front of us, there's no car. haha. of course it wasnt that smooth as we thought. i almost crash a woman with her honda jazz, almost hit the pavement.. aaah. and almost collision with the car behind me. hoaaah. but i think yesterday's better. i can synchronized (kopling and gas.. smoothly), and stuffs.
wait for my 3rd course day story on monday and wait for the photoshoot results
smooch, and adios amigos!

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