Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DI, fashion, Photoshoot

how happy i am today i can use dad's laptop and find there's PS3 in it, and try to learn it. first, i tried to make bokeh style. i learnt it from michelle koesnadi (glisters & blisters) blog. then googled about PS tutorial and found a web with 100 DI tutor then tadaaaa i made vignette (lomo effect) haha.. if u see there's a noise effect photo, i know it's so usual but i just like it. :P

wearing : salmon sleeveless top - TRAP // floral skirt - TRAP (ill show u the front side later)

wearing : one piece - avenue // krey berry shawl - cotton ink // unbranded tights, heels, glasses, bag, ring

hey anw, i wanna tell u i invented my own quirky style. it's just an old shredded tights covered with shredded sheer nude tights. :)
sadly, for bokeh effect should be for outdoor photoshoot right? yeah or for night party? ah it's a real fake nyahaha but im happy.. now i have a DI skill ive never had before

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  1. Hey, I just saw that you've added me to your blogroll. Thanks so much for that!
    Ps. You look cute! :)