Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fashion academy

woohoo! finally i can update my blog again waw. it's been a long time ya.. im having prob with my laptop. it's broken and all of my data has lost pity. then, today im gonna post maybe 2 posts. haha. and i warn u, both of them have very long 'body' get ready. first, this' about fashion academy i attended on.. april 24th? forgot it. i didnt get the invitation tho. but i 'stealth' an invitation from GF itself. ha. then me n van" went to PS, place where the event was held. we arrived there maybe aroun 5pm.. and how shocked us, it's gonna held on 7pm! whoa.. and we waited outside.. with wind flew hard and screwed my hair into a mess. we enter, and who i met there??? lidwina grata from fashion suicide, betthany putri from afternoon tea and living room, maybe she(i forgot who's she) from vehicle, heidy kalalo from fashion maverick, danjo hiyoji designers, KLETING. and unfortunately i didnt have a brave heart to ask them to take photo together. im shy mamen.. ._. okay. these are the photos. enjoy. slow down sroll down. :P

the gate

DJ. she's pretty cool

left-right : nina nikicio, GF fash stylist, philomena-GF fash editor, widya-Bloop owner

Kleting - KLE designer.

the crowd opposite me

hosts' outfits by danjyo & hiyoji

fashion show by kikichan

fashion show by danjyo & hiyoji

closing act by mocca

last, the benefits of attending this event are met lots of cyber famous people, designers, got pizza bar fried rice, free coca cola zero unlimited, 2, goodie bag. :)

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