Monday, November 30, 2009

miss polyvore world!

before tell you bout PV, i wanna tell u a shocking dance test. we've not practiced almost 3 weeks n today, it's held. yeah. practiced twice then had that test. very nervous. this' my first time. i n riyana danced together and i had some probs. but, guess bout my scores!!! 80,75,75,75! wow i thought i was very bad at all!
just havent opened my polyvore for maybe a couple months so yesterday i decided to opened it again and there;s 1 new message from my dear lovely friend from u.k, shira. :) so happy that we can talk again even she sent me that pm 29 days ago. we're friends since 6 months ago and we have a good friendship relationship. so good i think. if i could co-paste our conversation, i will. but it's our privacy so i wont ever do that. haha. but hey! i can so-paste this. this' my fave.

hey anya, what are u doin'?? are u still studying?
good luck for ur exams!
my hobbies are painting, design, and looking magazines. i love fashion magazine but i think i can't be as good as them in mix n matching clothes. hahaha.
yeah, thats my real name. is that sounds funny? hahaha. u're lucky having a cute name like that. anya is very cute name. my neighbor name tanya. the word 'nya' make it sounds good. :)
i ever opened book of baby names and i cant find my name in girl section! omg it's a boy name... what did my parents thinking when named me! LOL.
hmm. boring... please pm me okay :)

so here r some of mine..

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