Thursday, November 26, 2009


phew! finally we, smak5 students have finished all of those shitty pre-exams! yesterday i have finished it all! yey!! dont have good score in all subjects though.. haha.*honestly i didnt studied for it. and i went home at 9 after did 2 pre-exams coz i had headache n stomachache. then today was held great school event, DIRECTOR-dedication for our teachers. enjoyable enough. haha. so! tomorrow im gonna go to MANGDU! then watch NEW MOON! haha. hope my leg wont feel so painful! *urat gw lg sakit bgt gilag keg mo putus.
so, im having the real exams for next friday*no TGIF rule for next week! to next 2 friday. then, time we do waiting for!! holiday n it means my DRIVING COURSE is starting!!!!

*im really in love with this car! suzuki SX-4 x-over silver!!!! cute but strong*
yihaaaa! wish i will be the first girl *between 2 of my cousins* who can drive faster than them! nyehehe...
then, i want to find a friend who wont go anywhere for having holiday, n try to take guitar lesson from her/him.

haha. wanna play guitar when im alone okayyy!!! haha.
last but not least, try for saving more! okay. i know it's not the right time to change my mobile phone. still must wait for 2 years again. but, if i could change my cracked phone, i would like to change it with..

LG GW300 (but i wonder does it have 3G?)

Samsung Corby (s3653) but it hasnt 3G huh? and corby's more expensive than LG!!!
ha. but still confuse even i can change my mobile too. nyahaha.

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