Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Golden Compass

yeah i know i was too late to watched this movie. but it's better than not right? i borrow the dvd from my classmate, almost 1 month or 2 months ago n i have never noticed that she brought it for me. haha. mew that's funny when i texted her i havent watched it coz i just knew yesterday night, she said she has forgotten too. haha.
so today after took a nap (very peaceful men! love my quality time), i watched this. mom said the movie is about demons so i was afraid first. but i dont care. it's just a film. i enjoyed that movie so much. i like these characters especially serafina Pekkala as witch. her style was totally awesome!

Eva Green as Serafina Pekkala

Lorek Byrnison, king of ice bear

Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Ballaqua

Charlie Rowe as Billy Costa.

and the soundtrack i fell in love with is.. Lyra - Kate Bush. damnly, on 4shared or mp3raid, there's no any results. i found some, but it has been cropped. so, i just can put this on my blog. mehehe.

Lyrics | Kate Bush - Lyra lyrics

tommorow is a holiday!!!!! amazed with this info. thanks a lot P4! wkwk. so, i decided to go to gading with bubulala members (even just the 4 of us) to have lunch (plus breakfast for me) at glosis, cos i wanna use my discount vouchers. haha. then i think i wanna buy some new clothes? my clothes are too kiddy! dad protests for that haha.
TGIF for tmrw and next friday too! C ya!

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