Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i have a new haircut!

after school i went to saloon to had a haircut. mine is short now. still bob, but.. jnz n montol say i look like egyptian! wkwkwk.. then we went to gading, wanna watch 9 but sadly it's has changed by astro boy... aaaaaa montol u looked so sad! jnz too.. then we decided just to took a walk. i n jnz did wdow shopping at n.y.l.a (took a photo. we wore floral hi-waist skirt and we looked sooooo villager. wkwk) then we accompanied montol to played bowling. and last, played basket and KARAOKE in timezone! sang sunday morning, untitled(simple plan), cant smile w/o u, i'm yours. had so deadly fun! haha.
i was so tired but i am happy! haha.. thx a lot guys for today! montol, u can watch planet 51 with us cant u? hehehehehee (dont have to treat us again) :P
mr freddy time limit is 7 nov guys. please.

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