Friday, December 25, 2009

sorry i dont reply any texts of urs, guys.. coz im on saving my pulsaa its for 2 months ahead, so i cant boros oke. hahaa.. so im tagging u this greeting image made by myself on FB *yeah, maklum. i used PS 6. so i just could make this* merry xmas guys. may u all blessed all day.. :)

tomorrow im going to wonosobo, so i wont touch laptop there. im off for 5 days, n i wont blogging for 6 days *on 31st im having bbq party* haha. but ill keep tweeting by my mobile. im going to take many photos n ill post it on my blog n FB of course. so, babay. have ur sweet escape of ur busy life, happy holiday, happy new year.. :)

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