Monday, March 1, 2010

lomography exhibition

on friday morning, we, bubulala went to kevin susanto's house. not his house first, but the park near his house. we arranged a surprise for him. we brought flour and eggs. we brought a cake too. bought it from K's bakery, funny right? we usually call him, KS. but there was a lil prob. KS wasnt home! he went to mall but thank God, andre came and helped us. we hid in KS' bedroom, when he arrived, TADAA!!! we sang a birthday song, and i closed his eyes with napkind and we brought him back to park! and the surprise began.. we threw eggs on his body, poured flour, he ran like a kid, and we laughed a lot.
back to his house, waited him to took a bath, and yes. we gave the birthday cake. took photos, ate cake, and go to GI for lomography exhibition. the place was great! many photos there. and there was a lil store which sell the lomo cameras. vina almost buy me a lomolitos for bday gift but just the green left. i dont want green. so we canceled it. im in love with fisheye woodgrain or black. after think which has better result, i choose fisheye than colorsplash. the price of woodgrain is idr 600k n i can afford it. but im still thinkin about to buy it. cos im gonna buy SLR too. im afraid that i wont use lomo again after i have the SLR.

Jebu, Van", Santi, Me, Vina, KS

me, wore blue vintage loose top - pasar senen (IDR 5k), vintage look jeans - mobile power, brown open-oxford shoes - retail therapy

Diana F+ edelweiss IDR 750k, Fisheye white & woodgrain @ IDR 600k

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