Saturday, March 13, 2010


listening to

imogen heap

vampire weekend

want to buy..


vintage leather bag


because i got better scores this semester except math.
i enjoy my life enough
no any big problems
i went to ulisa today n im gonna do registration next week it mean next 2 weeks im startin my driving course yeah

i dont have any moods and time to do my fash photoshoot (i miss to doing it, actually)
i have a 'one way' problem with some of my friends. i just think they change. so i dont really like their habbit and personality nowadays.
dad forced me to go to mangdu. yeah because im too often to go there.
i cant find a vintage postman bag. will ask some ol shops do they can do customade bag.
i dont have any idea to draw and design a new cloth
i dont have a chance to hunting clothes materials for my online shop new collection. it'll be delayed til a few months.
waitin until july is boring. im gonna buy SLR that month, maybe.
i waste money a lot this month.
im in a big dilemma. i have enough money to buy dinamo sewing machine. but... i think ill saving more again.

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