Monday, December 21, 2009

im reading a book, which's better than harry potter

as i say on the title, this book's absolutely cool! great book, and the fantasy world is soooo much better than the boring one, harry potter. hehe. sorry for harpot's fans. very unpredictable. yes. haha. never think there's a fantasy story like that. haha. u must read this book!! and, why erec rex doesnt get into movie like harry potter, inkheart, or narnia? why? haha. i always waiting for it.

anyway, this' the schedule of my holiday. (i write this, also for my reminder. haha.)
22/12 : kota tua. guys, why will we come back sooo late? aaah
24/12 : swimming in the morning with family. wohoo
25/12 : church, xmas time..
26-30 : java trip
31/12 : bbq @ cousin's rooftop. haha
2/1 : register drive course ?
5/1 : school again. effing.

sounds busy. haaaah but i must face that. haha

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