Wednesday, December 23, 2009

kota tua//old town

Date : 22/12/2009
Location : kota tua, Jakarta.
enjoy people. i wont talk a lot. i just wanna say. kota tua*or translated in english, old town* is very awesome. u guys must go there for vacation. so much objects to captured. haha. when i went there, there was raining. but it's okay, we had so much fun though.

entrance ticket. idr 1000/person.

i have no idea what's it. haha. maybe announcement board?

green windows..

took @ 2nd floor. love the big tree, and the oldest look building, behind the big tree

staring out

old car. mercedes-benz.

Hermes statue

old building again...

im uploading more complete photos on my facebook. (Anya Sinta). or click this link.

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