Tuesday, December 15, 2009

lazy afternoon

today is a big day. yeah. big day. :p me n janice planned to took photo session for TRAP additional collection so janice came to my house and we took photos quick enough. lot of LOL-ing, screamed, etc. u can see the collection on TRAP's blog. now what i am gonna post is about my first fashion photo session and behind the scene of TRAP n my photo session. enjoy... :)

me n my photographer :p

top, avenue
heels, ITC Mangga Dua
necklace & bracelet, TRAP

janice took a lot of photos of me, but the rests are behind the scene so, here they are.. *please dont laugh out loud! haha but yeah, i dont know if u're laughing or not, so just laugh behind me. these r ridiculous. have fun!

then behind the scene of TRAP's behind the scene...

havent rotated this one!

the breaker steal those necklaces n screamed! LOL

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