Thursday, December 10, 2009

random wishlist

- clothes. lots of clothes.
- license car
- sewing machine
- samsung corby s3650
- idr 50 million
- 1st fashion show
- 3 the face shop nail polishes : lilac, mint, pale pink
- palest skin barbie with long brown hair
- useful present on my bday
- be a social student
- TRAP : success
- bestfriend
- boyfriend

the reason why i want samsung corby is..

tiara took pic of i when we're in sinotif. and, damn. semuanya di selotipin. just hoping for there;s someone who can gimme this one. haha

anyway, today i sketched kind of futuristic city, on milimetre block. haha. it took 3 hours to made 3 buildings coz im an amateur. i dont understand what's the rules. and i do not learning for architecture. but i like it. haha.

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